PT Tricon Dos Sejahtera

PT Tricon Dos Sejahtera is a Stockies and Distributor company for steel material products for the Industry & Project in Indonesia. We specialize in supporting (supplying) the needs of Industrial projects such as: Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Construction, Power Plants, Ship Building, Boilers, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, etc.For client satisfaction, we PT. Tricon Dos Sejahtera provides maximum service in the form of material shipments for the Jabodetabek area in a timely manner without additional costs and is always ready to carry out quality tests for all products offered and can complete the certificate of products being sold. PT. TRICON DOS PROSPEROUS Tel : 021 3826 9064 Telp : 021 38269092 Fax : 021 3826 9091 Mobile: 0812 8373 6922 Web: Email: [email protected]

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Jual Pipa Berkualitas, Terlengkap dan Terpercaya

Kami jual berbagai jenis pipa untuk kebutuhan industri Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Konstruksi, Pembangkit Listrik ( Power Plants ), Pembuatan Kapal ( Ship Building ), Boiler, Pulp & Paper, Chemical dan berbagai industri lainnya. Jual berbagai jenis pipa: Pipa Besi, Pipa Baja, Pipa Hitam, Pipa Seamless, Pipa Galvanis, Pipa Cast Iron, Pipa Stainless Steel, dan pipa-pipa lainnya. Dapatkan pipa-pipa dengan kualitas terbaik, harga murah, hanya di